About Us

Who We Are

Project Management Solutions Limited is proud to be the best choice in project management services and training offering organizational change and development support. We provide project management and performance consulting services that are tailored to identifying and responding to specific organizational needs. Our customized and standard project management training options are proven in improving productivity and performance, while providing avenues for growth.

Project Management Solutions Limited guiding principles are based on the concepts of Senge’s Learning Organization. To consistently provide quality products and services, we foster an environment of teamwork and a community of practice. This empowers our core and extended teams thereby inspiring both our clients and others through demonstrated respect, and value for diversity.

Our Certification

Having been certified by PMI® as a Registered Educational Provider in 2011, Project Management Solutions Limited is accustomed to delivering world-class, effective project management training and education services that meet or exceed the Project Management Institute’s rigorous quality standards. As an Authorized Training Partner, we continue to uphold the PMI® standard through its licensed content for its certification prep course programmes as well as content developed by Project Management Solutions Limited for which Professional Development Units (PDUs) are automatically accepted by PMI® without audit.

Business Objectives


We maintain and uphold our internal code of ethics as well as both PMI’s Ethical Decision-Making Framework and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as a mandatory standard


We foster a team-centered environment thereby empowering each other and inspiring those around us through a demonstrated winning-mindset, respect and value for diversity in our organization


We gain support, confidence and commitment in our community by building and maintaining strong partnerships based on collaboration, trust, and quality service. We also make charitable donations to worthy causes and culturally diverse events.


We listen actively to accurately diagnose customer needs, helping them to ensure that their developmental goals are met through a methodology that works for them


We partner with our customers through an iterative process to ensure that their needs are continually met thereby satisfying their training and consulting gaps using efficient and effective timeframes and methods

Customer Experience Model

Develop a Shared Vision

Showing Genuine interest
Creating a clear picture of success

Build Commitment

Encouraging inclusion and collaboration.
Facilitating trusting relationships.

Understand and Anticipate Customer Needs

Managing complex information, situations and environments.
Creating plans with clarity and focus.

Create Opportunities

Marshalling the right resources to develop and shepherd innovative, workable solutions thet create value.

Be Accountable

Taking responsibility for driving results