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As a leader in project management training from 2009 in Nassau Bahamas, we have supported many students in their goal of achieving formal project management training up to and including professional designations awarded from the Project Management Institute.

We continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the way we tailor our training to various industries and skill levels and, continually update and improve our range of offerings to suit our growing needs.  Today, we offer full service project management training and certification through an initiative that advances the field of project management, as well as your career.

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Like everything in life you get out what you put in. This course will require your full attention. It will require you to be engaged, to think. You will be challenged and you will grow both personally and professionally. Project Management has brought a new focus to my work. I am more thoughtful when considering clients, more strategic in the exercise of my time and skill, and more disciplined. I measure the progress of my work in a more constructive fashion. I feel that my success is work and life is enhanced by my project management knowledge. Dorcas is a wonderful teacher who has truly assisted me in navigating the PMBOK material. Take a "no excuses" approach and see what you might accomplish

Ayodel Fox

“The Project Management class offered by BIFS and taught by Ms.Dorcas Cox, gave me the insight that anything could be turned into a project! Now, after completing the CAPM Programme, I am turning my life and career into a new project - thanks to Project Management.”

Astrid Adjuah Cleare, CAPM
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